Why 80% of businesses fail to sell – Part 1

  It is a sad fact that across the UK SME market 4 out of 5 private companies will fail to sell, meaning only 20% of those taken to market achieve a successful outcome. WhenRead more

Recent News from EvolutionCBS – June 2018

Helping business owners maximise shareholder exit value through tailored growth, acquisition and exit services    EvolutionCBS announces the sale of NTA Monitor Ltd to Intertek Group plc In a deal led by EvolutionCBS, NTA Monitor, oneRead more

EvolutionCBS Client, NTA Monitor, acquired by Intertek Group plc

In a deal led by Reading based M&A Advisors EvolutionCBS, NTA Monitor, one of the UK’s most established independent cybersecurity and compliance service providers, has been acquired by Intertek Group plc. NTA Monitor is aRead more

Buy and Build Strategies

Buy and build strategies are a popular way for both trade and financial buyers to achieve additional scale and liquidity. Private Equity traditionally deploys buy and build strategies to improve returns, particularly in a slowRead more

Private Equity – a seismic shift in SME M&A

Why are Private Equity acquirers becoming such an attractive option for SME business owners?   Private Equity (PE) buyers have been around a long time – responsible for some of the largest, headline-grabbing transactions inRead more

Dubai Business Breakfast

Our CEO, Rob Goddard, will be speaking at the Dubai Business Breakfast (DBB) on the 14th February at the Sky Lounge, Gloria Hotel, Dubai Internet City. The group started in Oct 2011 and is oneRead more

Creating a business exit strategy

A new year’s resolution I would recommend to all business owners is to create a business exit strategy. Selling a business is life changing and if you’re not clear about your motivation and how thisRead more

Problems you did not know you had

When I was asked to write an article for this newsletter I was initially nervous, I wrote a short column some years ago and remember struggling to come up with things to write about andRead more

Market trends – M&A in the software sector 2015 – 2017

Software is an exciting sector where the rewards for innovation, creativity and hard work can be spectacular but mixed reports of extremely high revenue multiples for “unicorn” software businesses and more modest earnings multiples forRead more

Why don’t some business sell?

It’s a sad fact that in the UK 4 out of 5 privately owned business will fail to sell.  Our experience shows that there are 4 main reasons that contribute to this and they areRead more

Starting to think about selling your business?

  So you’ve put in the hard graft of building and growing your business – investing your time, thought and energy into nurturing your customer base, maintaining profits and forming a strong and reliable team.Read more

“A lack of imagination” – Killing a deal breaker

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Albert Einstein There are moments in life when, for apparently good reasons, we may take a view on a matter that is so convinced, no other view canRead more

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