Problems you did not know you had

When I was asked to write an article for this newsletter I was initially nervous, I wrote a short column some years ago and remember struggling to come up with things to write about andRead more

Market trends – M&A in the software sector 2015 – 2017

Software is an exciting sector where the rewards for innovation, creativity and hard work can be spectacular but mixed reports of extremely high revenue multiples for “unicorn” software businesses and more modest earnings multiples forRead more

Why don’t some business sell?

It’s a sad fact that in the UK 4 out of 5 privately owned business will fail to sell.  Our experience shows that there are 4 main reasons that contribute to this and they areRead more

Starting to think about selling your business?

  So you’ve put in the hard graft of building and growing your business – investing your time, thought and energy into nurturing your customer base, maintaining profits and forming a strong and reliable team.Read more

“A lack of imagination” – Killing a deal breaker

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Albert Einstein There are moments in life when, for apparently good reasons, we may take a view on a matter that is so convinced, no other view canRead more

FloFunder – revolutionising Working Capital Finance for SMEs

The Problem Late payment of invoices remains a continuous problem for SMEs.  It potentially causes business failure as cash-flow cannot keep up with the company’s financial needs.  It is staggering that about half of allRead more

Our Top 4 Reasons Why Businesses Do Not Sell

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With over 100 collective years’ industry experience we have seen many successes for our clients, but the fact remains that in the UK, four in five businesses do not sell and without a company likeRead more

How to list your business for sale, yet remain confidential

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One of the questions that we are most commonly asked by our clients is… “How do you put your business up for sale, yet remain confidential?” This is one of the biggest fears that ourRead more

Our Most Comprehensive Resource Offering Yet!

exit your business

With the decision to exit your business being one of the biggest that you are likely to make throughout your career, at Evolution CBS, we understand that your greatest concern is likely to be ‘How?’.Read more

With Knowledge Comes Power (and the right buyer)

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To quote Sir Francis Bacon in his 1597 book Meditationes Sacrae and Human Philosophy, ‘Knowledge is power’ We also believe that research is a critical factor in ensuring the right information is acquired ahead of any transaction,Read more

Preparing for Exit: What’s your plan?

selling a business

When setting up a business, the trials and tribulations of firstly achieving break-even and then profit often leaves the idea of an effective, well-constructed exit strategy at the back of one’s mind. However, there comesRead more

Alternative funders and the changing the role of high street banks

Traditionally high street banks were a one stop shop for a business’s financial and banking needs. They provided day-to-day banking services (deposit accounts, payments, merchant services etc) as well as providing funding (overdrafts, loans, assetRead more

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