Creating your Magic Number – Dubai

14th Floor, 48 Burj Gate, Dubai Downtown
4 / Jul / 2018    Time: 15.00 - 16.30

Corporate Business Services (CBS) is hosting an exclusive Seminar on 4th July. The event “Unleash your Cash Flow DNA” will give business owners the opportunity to learn the 4-step strategic approach to growing your business faster and increasing cash flows.

Rob Goddard, CEO & Founder of EvolutionCBS, will be speaking at the Seminar to discuss “Creating your Magic Number”:

Selling a business is probably the most important financial decision a business owner will make. So it’s essential to be clear about how much cash you need to realise from the sale of the business – the “Magic Number” – and how to avoid the pitfalls, like poor valuations and price chipping, that could prevent you achieving it.

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