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Data Protection and Privacy notice

Identity and contact details

Our designated statutory authority under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the Information Commissioner’s Office. We are based in England.

The individual in charge of Data Protection within EvolutionCBS is Claire Fortmuller. Call our main line (+44 118 959 8224) to contact her by telephone or email her at

What data we collect

For customers, business partners and prospective customers, we capture information on the individual’s names, job title/role, business email, business addresses, business telephone numbers. We collect and store personal emails when these are given to us by their owners. We capture and audit when, where and how we communicate with the contacts in this category.

We collect and process information on Evolution CBS Ltd employees so that we can manage contracts and pay our employees. We outsource our payroll, and have processor agreements with our payroll provider.

Why we collect data

We collect information on existing customers and business partners so that we can manage contracts and carry out our business.

We collect personal data on prospective customers either through the purchase of data through reputable organisations, from information that is publically available (including data on the web), or from face-to-face meetings.

We use the personal data on prospective customers to communicate how we can help them to acquire, grow and sell their businesses. This includes communicating business for sale and free business events about buying, growing and selling businesses. Evolution CBS has ‘legitimate interest’ in communicating information on our advisory services to this prospective client base.

We send out a regular newsletter with information on mergers and acquisitions and events relevant to our services to a set of prospective customers, existing customers and business partners. Where individuals receive this newsletter regularly, they have consented to receive the newsletter.

We collect information from individuals who exercise their various rights under the GDPR through emails triggered by links on this web site.

We do not collect sensitive personal data or personal data on consumers.

When we delete data

We retain data for as long as the prospective customer, existing customer or business partner remains in the job role in the organisation that they work for. We aim to refresh the information on these individuals to check that it is accurate and relevant at least once a year.

Other information on what we do with data

We store and process data for which we act as Data Controllers in the UK.

We do not carry out profiling or automated decision making on data for which we act as Data Controllers.

We will pass your data on to other Controllers only in a situation where we believe that the alternate Controller will add value through additional services, or provide a more appropriate service than we can.  We will inform you when we do this and you can object to the processing at any time.

Apart from the situation above, we do not provide data for which we act as Controllers to any other Controllers without the express consent of the data subject.

We do not provide information for which we act as Data Controllers to any other Controllers without the express consent of the data subject.

How we look after data

We take reasonable technical and procedural precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or unauthorised alteration of personal data.

We store the personal data that we collect securely.

We do not publish the details of the safeguards we use to protect personal data that we control as this could reduce the effectiveness of those safeguards.

Your rights

EvolutionCBS recognises the rights of data subjects as defined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We will always seek to uphold those rights and the links provided will enable you to communicate with us to exercise those rights, where relevant.

You have the right to:

Control the way we use your data
Access the data we hold on you
Erase the data we hold on you
Update the data we hold on you

Please note that we do not carry out automated decision-making or profiling as a Data Controller.

EvolutionCBS recognises your right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. You can access the ICO’s web site from this link.

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