Neil Morrow

Client Director

With almost 30 years of experience of working in Banking and Financial Services Neil recently sold out of a successful Financial Services Firm with a view to using some of the experience he has gained in creating, running and ultimately selling his equity stake to assist other business owners to exit successfully.

Neil has worked as a Partner to Evolution CBS since 2013 and on joining the company as a Client Director he will deliver support and guidance to shareholders and business managers alike to increase value and simplify exit planning whilst managing business growth, acquisitions and disposals.

Neil’s career has given him experience in business development, consulting, distribution and sales as well as the experience gained from all aspects of running his own business. He also has extensive experience of building and managing Networks and Groups of senior people whilst developing opportunities to create value and growth, skills which will aid his clients achieve their objectives.

Outside of work Neil enjoys spending time with his teenage children and close family, and is a keen follower of Motor Sport in general and Formula1 in particular which has seen him attend many races around the world. Neil also has a classic motorcycle which he enjoys riding (in the fair weather!), has recently taken part in events such as Rough Runner and The Inflatable Run and attends many live music shows / events through the year.

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