2014 – Time to exit or time to invest?

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Rob Goddard
Evolution Complete Business Sales

In the last 12 months we have seen a marked increase in the number of owners preparing their businesses for sale.  The number of delegates attending Evolution’s Masterclass events rose by 94% and the number marketing their businesses for sale through us has increased by 105%.

Acquisitions remain one of the most efficient ways to expand a business and in 2014 resurgent business confidence will translate into action amongst buyers, both trade and private equity, seeking to acquire companies in which they can invest.

If the number of M&A deals continues to accelerate and competition increases, as has been the case in previous upturns, 2014 will be an important time for business owners to make the decision on whether to invest for growth, perhaps with external funding, or exit the business.

Whatever the outcome, this is good for SMEs. The only word of warning would be to make that decision early before there is a glut of businesses for sale – the baby boomer scenario – which will be good for buyers but sellers may find it harder to achieve the exit price they hope for.

Whether you’re considering exit or investment, you can find out more about what’s involved at an Evolution Business Masterclass.  We’ve increased the number of events in 2014 and details of dates and locations can be found on our website.

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