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Rob Goddard
Evolution Complete Business Sales

As the economy continues to improve, the largest and most influential generation of business owners are considering the next phase of their lives.  There is almost a barrage of products and services targeting the “baby boomers” about retirement planning, healthcare and financial advice.  For those that own their own companies, selling the business is the door to that new life chapter.

The improving economic situation is also encouraging buyers, many of whom have been conserving cash, to expand their own companies quickly through strategic acquisitions.

This will, of course, alter the dynamics of the M & A market from buyer to seller BUT the market will become more competitive with the best kept businesses attracting the highest prices.

And “best kept” does not always refer to financial performance.  Whilst this is, of course, an important factor, strategic acquirers are looking at a much bigger picture.

Unfortunately, the assumption that acquirers buy only on the basis of profit, has led business owners to miss the optimum time for sale. With the “baby boomer” effect, it’s possible that at the time you think “now is the time to sell” countless other business owners will have the same thought.

You can avoid this situation by thinking ahead; finding out what’s involved in selling and what affects value and saleability.  After all “Be Prepared” is a motto that has stood the test of time for most of us.

To get the information you need come along to one of our free Masterclasses  (see list below) where you can get impartial professional advice from us and our partners on how best to prepare for a sale – information that will ultimately translate into higher financial benefit for you.

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