Bridging the gap between seller and buyer business valuations

When selling a business there’s always a gap between an owner’s price expectation and what a buyer expects to pay. Achieving a premium exit price depends on demonstrating strategic value based on a clear understanding of how acquirers calculate offer prices. Armed with that knowledge, business owners can identify and promote their companies “hidden” assets and future potential to leverage sale price.
To find out more please join us at a Business Masterclass. Berkshire 7th November, London 14th November, Sheffield 21st November.

For any business owner considering an exit in the next 3 years, a Masterclass provides tangible business value. With increasing interest in Mergers & Acquisitions from both trade and private investment, now is the time to prepare. In the informal and confidential environment of a Masterclass, we will explain what’s involved in selling a business, how acquirers will value a business and how you can use that information to add value in preparation for a future sale.

Here are a few comments from previous delegates:
“I have been to a few seminars, but your Masterclass is the best event I have been to, by far.”
“I came to get some ideas of how to add value and you certainly helped me…… you know what you’re talking about”.
“You guys know your material. Very impressive.”
“Enormously helpful, excellent”

You can book online or call us on 0118 959 8224. The information you’ll gain in 3 hours could translate into a significantly higher exit price when the time comes to sell.

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