Build Your Business As If You Mean To Sell It Tomorrow

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Marcus Cauchi
Managing Director, London
Sandler Training

Building a business is tough but simple. Identify your market and the problems they have. Gather the herd and produce product to suit by helping them meet their needs and solve their problems. Service them so well so that they love you and tell their friends and routinely sell at a profit.

Easier said than done?

Most entrepreneurs leave their employers vowing they wont ever treat their people the way they were treated and they’d do things better. Then they set up the business and get embroiled in the business of survival so they whip out into the market, make a few sales and forget to build systems so they are not the chief cook and bottle washer. And in turn they create a business that they’d never work for!

Speaking to Rob Goddard from Evolution at dinner last week I asked him the question, “How much would having an effective selling systems that covered, lead generation, conversion, retention of customers and systematically ensured you could predictably hire effective salespeople, knowing they’d succeed in your role before you put them on your payroll?” He said, “Conservatively it would double the value for the owners at exit .” Double the exit price!

So let me ask you, “What is your system that everyone in the business follows and understands to ensure you sell consistently, that you recruit better salespeople that the one who just left and ensures that your customers are always undersold and you over-deliver to them?”

If you’re being honest most of you will have to say, “I don’t have one. In fact, everyone sells in their own way and we wing it when we’re in front of a customer.”

The system most of you use is that you or your salespeople make some type of contact and qualify the prospect loosely for money, authority and need. But your qualification isn’t systematic or accurate and you probably end up making lots of presentations to people who want to know what you know, but don’t want to pay you for that knowledge. You present your features, advantages and benefits and they ask lots of questions which you answer. Then you try and close and they throw back objections which you handle. Eventually if all goes according to plan, they ask you for a proposal, it goes into forecast and you send the next few days biting your nails eagerly hoping they’ll say yes. Then you chase, and chase and chase and they give you unlimited access to their voicemail while they go into hiding and radio silence. Is that a fair description of your selling experience?

If it is them maybe you want to consider a better and more consistently, predictable alternative. Tell me this, let’s pretend you could close at the start where there is zero resistance and you spend the rest of the time you have with them identifying why there is a fit, why they want what you offer and earning their commitment to your common purpose of helping them solve their problems, so in the end they say to you, “Can I give you a cheque?” or “When can I get you started on this?” Suppose that were possible, you wouldn’t be willing to change what you are doing and adopt a new and better way of selling.

And suppose you could predict with a high degree of accuracy whether a new salesperson you were planning to hire would fail BEFORE you put him or her on to your payroll? Or you could see through the experience and skills of a candidate you were considering rejecting but identifying that they will fly in your role and not lose them to a competitor, would you be willing to change? Really? Why?

Marcus Cauchi

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