First Brexit and now a general election! So is this the right time to consider selling a business?

First Brexit and now a general election!  So is this the right time to consider selling a business?

Get the facts about preparing for a business sale at a Business Masterclass on 25th May, hosted by Schroders.

Our expert panel will cover Timing, Valuations, Acquisition Criteria, Deal Structures, Tax planning, Negotiations, Confidentiality and Wealth Management post-sale.

This informative event is free to attend and will be fully confidential. What’s more, all delegates will receive a free and comprehensive valuation report – an essential part of exit planning.

You can book online or by calling 0118 959 8224

We have a first class panel of experts who will explain what’s involved in selling a business, the legal and financial issues to consider, the factors that impact price and what you can do to boost sale value and get your business “exit ready”:

Keith Wade –  Group Chief Economist for Schroders and is responsible for Schroders’ view of the world economy.

Ivan McKeever – ex-CEO of Styles and Wood Group and an active acquirer and investor.

Philip de Lisle – an experienced acquirer and business owner who leads the interactive workshop session.

David Gould – who sold his business and will share what he learned from his experience.

Rob Goddard – CEO of Evolution CBS with 15 years M&A experience and 337 successful transactions.

Steve Barry – Client Director of Evolution CBS – an expert in building successful organisations who has worked extensively with SMEs and Mid-Corporate organisations.

Whether or not selling your business is a short or long term objective, the insights and information you’ll receive at this event will make a real difference to the value and saleability of your business when the time comes. Reserve a place and we’ll send full joining details and details of how to receive your free Valuation Report.

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