9 reasons to get a business valuation

Although most business owners tend to get a valuation when they’re thinking of selling the company, in fact having an up to date business valuation is helpful for many other aspects of business planning.

Of course understanding how much the business is worth is the most common reason, but here are 9 more that you may not have considered:

  1. As part of business planning and developing growth strategies
  2. To set a value marker against which to measure future growth or decline
  3. To identify whether the business is growing, stagnant or declining in value to restructure the business.
  4. As part of an exit strategy
  5. To evaluate an unsolicited offer for the sale of a business.
  6. To calculate the per share value for employee share incentives
  7. For shareholder or partnership investments or disputes.
  8. To obtain bank financing or alternative investment.
  9. To determine the value of the assets in a marital dispute


We offer a free online valuation service that takes around 20 minutes to complete. Alternatively if you are actively considering a business sale call us on 0118 959 8224. We also hold regular Masterclasses for business owners, providing invaluable advice on preparing a business for sale.


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