You may be the ‘captain of your ship’ but are you really ‘the master of your fate’?

businesses must change tackI’m often approached by business owners who want to sell because their business is stuck in the doldrums and they feel it’s time for a breath of fresh air. They started out with a clear sense of direction but the tide has changed beneath them and they don’t know how to switch tack.

You can sell a business that isn’t going anywhere, but you won’t get the best price for it.

Listed businesses have non-executive directors on the board to help keep the leadership team heading in the right direction. Privately owned businesses can struggle to find that kind of coaching and mentoring, but without it it’s all too easy for day to day issues to blow you off course.

If your business in a lull, you are likely to attract bargain hunters who want to acquire you as cheaply as possible. If you have lost your enthusiasm and are ready to move on, you will look like a motivated seller, which encourages hard negotiations.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Our Growth to Exit programme gives you the support you need to start moving your business forward again. We can help you find and focus on the key priorities that will put the wind back in your sails and attract better buyers.

For more information about getting your business ready to sell, join our panel of experts in London this April.

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