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Rob Goddard
Evolution Complete Business Sales

According to our Masterclass exit questionnaires, a common concern business owners have is choosing the best time to sell; coming a close second to how much is the business worth.

Of course the two concerns are inextricably linked! Choosing the right time may well be different to that of other businesses, even within the same industry sector.

However, the decision will always be based on business and personal considerations, together with prevailing market conditions. Here are a few indicators that it’s time to get some professional advice:

The business:

Has an experienced and capable management team and you can step back from the day to day running of the business.

Can show a sustained level of profitability and growth.

Is in a sector that is consolidating.

Has growth potential but needs further investment to achieve that growth and/or needs skills and expertise beyond that of your management team.

Has been the subject of uninvited approaches from potential buyers.

Has no particular dependence on any one customer, supplier or employee.

Is likely to face regulatory/legislative changes.

Still has “room for improvement”.


When there is an imminent life-style change such as retirement, divorce or ill-health.

You want to start another venture and need to realise the value of the original business.

You no longer want to run a business.

You are emotionally prepared to leave the business and can commit to the process.

The market:

When interest rates are lower.

When demand exceeds supply.

When other investment opportunities are scarcer.

As a first step, find out the likely achievable value of your business and what your options are. We offer a free valuation and saleability assessment service and you can apply online, by email or telephone. With that information you’ll be able to plan how to move forward – whether that’s growing or selling your business.

For more information or to book a free valuation, call Claire Fortmuller on 0118 402 6891

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