Growth2Exit Mastermind

Audley Inglewood, Hungerford, Berks RG17 9AA
21 / Nov / 2019    Time: 10.00 - 16.00

ARE you ready to successfully exit your business?



ASSUMPTION: An entrepreneur will develop an exit strategy in their initial business plan before actually going in to business.

REALITY: Most entrepreneurs won’t consider their eventual exit strategy until they are seriously ready to exit.  


ASSUMPTION: When the owner is ready to exit, the business will be ready to give them the lifestyle and future that they want to achieve.

REALITY: When the business owner decides to exit, they discover that they are, on average, around 3 years away from a successful exit. 

And then…you’re trapped in your own business.




Think about what a potential buyer is looking for from your business:


  • – Sustainable income

  • – Opportunity to grow

  • – A well-run slick operation

  • – A business that will run effectively without you, the business owner, in it

Can you provide a buyer with all of that right now?

If you can’t, then you’re not ready to exit your business yet.




Growth2Exit Mastermind is designed to get you there – to help you to build and grow your business so that it is ready to sell when you are.




A well run Mastermind brings together a select group of individuals with a common key focus who can offer each other advice, guidance, decision-making, support, creativity and serious accountability. Done right, Masterminds are an incredibly powerful environment to create change.


is it for me?


If you are:


  • – A 7-figure service-based business 

  • – A business owner looking to exit in the next 2-5 years

  • – Serious about committing time to planning your business’s future



Then you’re in the right place.

There is incredible power in being in the right environment, with the right people, being facilitated in the right way.The right environment will stimulate you, motivate you, inspire you and push you to new heights.It will help you set meaningful goals and it will hold you accountable to the steps in achieving those goals.



WHAT WILL I Gain from mastermind?


Along with tapping into the experience and expertise of the group facilitators and guest speakers, you’ll also be in the room with like-minded, ambitious business owners who will support you on your journey to business growth and an eventual exit.

You’ll become part of an exclusive team of people all working towards a common goal – the growth of, and exit from, their own business.


  • You’ll learn how to create the ideal exit strategy for you and your business, and how near or far you are from achieving it
  • – You’ll identify the gaps and pitfalls that are stopping your business from growing into a saleable asset, and exactly how to overcome them
  • – You’ll understand how to remove yourself from your own business effectively – combatting the common problem of owner-reliance
  • – You’ll learn how to create the right mindset for success, for you and your people – driving the motivation that in turn creates high-performing teams within your own business



Rob Goddard, Founder & Executive Chairman, EvolutionCBS

George Swift, Bigger Brighter Bolder Success Groups

Investor, international speaker and published author, Rob has trained over 5,000 business leaders to acquire, grow and sell businesses to achieve their financial goals. As an owner/manager himself, he understands the often-challenging issues SMEs face. Considered an expert in mergers and acquisitions, exit strategy and selling businesses, he has 35 years’ experience within both private business and corporate life, in senior positions.

Rob is the Founder & Executive Chairman of EvolutionCBS in the UK and UAE. This is a highly successful Mergers & Acquisitions advisory business and since 2002 the team combined have been responsible for the sale of over 350 privately-owned UK businesses, totalling over £2 billion in transaction value.

George has been in personal performance for 25 years. In 2009, he founded Bigger Brighter Bolder (BBB). By focussing on the mindset, attitude, performance and cultural aspects of success, he has coached CEOs and Senior Executives to achieve significant performance improvements and business success. George has worked with over 400 business owners and currently mentors 90 business owners, from start-ups to multi-million turnover businesses, supporting them to achieve extreme growth within their own organisations.

Through personal and entrepreneurial development, his Success Groups and Masterminds provide the tools, education, infrastructure, accountability and culture that enables you to grow your business and drive success.

how do i find out more about mastermind?


We are holding a Discovery Day for interested parties that would like to find out more about Mastermind and whether it’s right for them. 

Join us for a Discovery Day and:


  • – Find out what it takes to build a successful and highly saleable business
  • – Meet like-minded, high-calibre business owners with the same common goal – to grow and ultimately sell their own business
  • – Gain access to industry experts and put your questions directly to them
  • Uncover the power of real accountability, a core asset in any business looking for serious growth


Our next Mastermind Discovery Day takes place on 21st November.

We host these at a beautiful venue in Hungerford and only charge £45 to cover lunch and refreshments on the day.

Bookings are now open:


If you’d like to find out more about Mastermind and whether it’s right for you, book a 15 minute Discovery Call with Tracey Miller of BBB.



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