Learn how to maximise shareholder exit value and prepare your business for sale at a EvolutionCBS event.

For business owners seeking information and guidance on preparing a business for sale, our Masterclasses will demystify the process and provide invaluable insights into the legal, financial and commercial aspects of selling a business.

Because of the current restrictions caused by the Coronavirus we’ve elected to present our next Masterclass on 30th April as a webinar.

Our panel of Mergers & Acquisition experts will address questions such as; when is the best time to sell, how can I value my business; what is the likely success rate; what are the fees involved in selling; where do I find potential acquirers; can I sell my business myself?

In addition delegates will receive the presentation slide deck and a copy of Rob Goddard’s latest book, “The 11 commandments and 7 cardinal sins of selling a business.”

We have further live events planned for later in the year, so if you are considering selling your business now, or in the next few years, please join us and our professional partners as we provide the information you will need to achieve a successful business sale.


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Here’s what previous delegates have said:

  • Thanks for the wonderful session yesterday, it was very informative and helpful.
    Mohit Tahiliani
  • It was wonderful listening to you and thanks for answering my series of questions as well.
    Ritesh Mohan
  • I have been to a few seminars, but your Masterclass is the best event I have been to, by far.
    Director of an International Payments Company
  • Wonderful, thought provoking, filled with useful, practical advice from people who have been there.
    Director of a Professional Services Company
  • …not normally into these sort of events and was pleasantly surprised. It was very informative and I thought the whole event was excellent.
    Director of a PR Company
  • I came to get some ideas of how to add value and you certainly helped me… you know what you are talking about.
    Director of an Executive Recruitment Company

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