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Stepping Stones

Rob Goddard
Evolution Complete Business Sales


Stepping Stones – Providing the facts on when (and whether) to sell a business

During the last few months I have heard of numerous accounts from several business owners who have suffered the frustration, disappointment and even in some cases, distress of the unsuccessful sale of their business.  They had spent tens of thousands of pounds in broker fees, to say nothing of the potential cost of collateral damage to the business.  In many cases, failure resulted from the business being taken to market too early.

Our new Stepping Stones service provides the facts on when to sell, giving business owners an in-depth analysis of their company’s current saleability, based on the key performance criteria that determine value and timing.  In a detailed 42 page report, Stepping Stones provides all the information an owner needs in order make an informed decision about when (and indeed whether) to sell.

Rather than wasting tens of thousands of pounds in fees by going to market too soon, business owners can make an informed decision on whether their company is fully “market-ready” or if there are some areas, particularly those that impact timing and value, which would benefit from “fine tuning” in order for the company to realise its full potential value and achieve a successful sale.  Stepping Stones costs £1,895 (excl. VAT) and will be of long-lasting benefit to business owners. The cost of the report is refundable to any company that goes on to sell their business with Evolution CBS.

Selling a business is often a once-in-a-lifetime decision. Make that decision based on the facts.

You can find out more and register an interest on our website or call me to arrange a meeting.


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