First steps towards selling a business

When you first begin to consider selling your business, think about what an acquirer will be looking for – put yourself in their shoes when you take those first steps towards a sale.

By just doing this you will see your business afresh and be able to identify where you can make changes, often relatively small changes, that make the business more saleable and more valuable

You will start to see where your investment could be at risk – a major reason to reduce offer price. Conversely you will also see potential and what would maximise the return on your investment and induce you to pay more.

Preparing for sale means building transferable value. Focus on potential – identify and quantify areas for growth. Keep a tight rein on the financials. If you were a buyer you would expect evidence of past performance and clarity on how forecasts will be met.

For some useful tips on the early stages of exit planning take a look at our guide – Early Steps in Exit Planning or come along to one of our free Masterclasses. It’s never too early to be informed about the life-changing process of selling a business.



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