‘Growing to sell’ – sounds odd, doesn’t it?

‘Growing to sell’ sounds odd, doesn’t it? Surely you should be growing for your customers? You might even be thinking of selling because you have stopped growing. So why would you set a growth strategy specifically for your exit – and how would it be different from a ‘normal’ growth strategy?


In order to get the best price for your business, you want to attract the kinds of buyers who can see potential in your business. The best buyers – the ones who are motivated to buy and are prepared to pay a premium – are those who are looking for growing businesses with resources they need.


To attract these kinds of buyers you need to be able to demonstrate at least one of the following – and ideally all three:


Improving customer numbers – and quality

Great buyers want to see you winning more customers than you lose. They also want to see the quality of those customers improving.


Improving income – and quality

Great buyers want to see revenues growing and they want those revenues to be good quality. That means predictable, repeatable income that doesn’t cost much to collect.


Improving profits

Great buyers want to see your profit margins improving as you grow.


If you would like to find out how great buyers see your business, Fit4Growth service will help. It looks at all the factors that need to be in place to get you the best price and gives you a road map to a successful exit.


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