How Will You Fund Your ‘What Next’?

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Matthew Bass
Head of Lombard Wealth
North Central PLC

Whether you are planning on selling your business in the short term, or within the next few years, you may be asking yourself “what next?”, and possibly giving some thought as to how you intend to reward yourself for the time you invested into making your business a success. It may be that you have had your eye on a prestige or classic car. Or perhaps you’ve dreamt of attaining a private pilots’ license and acquiring the aircraft to go with it? Or it may be that you have wanted to take up sailing and hoped to buy a yacht to fulfil your dream to travel to sun soaked locations along the Med? Regardless of what your aspirations are, you may want to ensure that you finance your dream wisely.

Indeed, when making this kind of investment, conserving your cash may be a priority and therefore financing this asset acquisition through a finance solution such as asset finance will allow for this. This method of funding will make it possible for you to invest your capital rather then pay out a lump sum and use the return to put towards the cost of borrowing.

Most people enjoy having financial flexibility. The nature of asset finance provides for this as it enables you to use capital as effectively as possible – you are able to retain your capital which will help you maintain a healthy cash flow.

As the UK’s longest established and largest provider of asset finance, Lombard has considerable experience of working with our clients to provide tailored finance packages designed around individual ambitions and priorities. The company also has dedicated teams with experts in marine, aviation and luxury cars who are able to provide specialist funding support when it comes to considerations such as asset registration.

Recently Lombard assisted boat owner and company Chairman, John Stoker, when he bought a 50-foot Grand Soleil Italian sailing yacht called Sidney II to replace an existing boat. As an experienced boat buyer, John took the decision to use finance for this acquisition, despite being in a position to buy outright.

He explains this decision: “As with a house purchase, a boat tends to hold its value so using a marine mortgage made more economic sense to me. It provides me with greater financial flexibility. As fellow boat owners will know, running costs can be quite costly so financing the acquisition in this way help me to spread the risk and I have been able to maintain a healthy cash flow.”

Having taken the decision to acquire Sidney, John approached two funding providers, one of which included Lombard’s dedicated marine team. “While there was little to split the financials involved, the decision to use Lombard was taken based on the clear knowledge and expertise of the Lombard marine team”, he said.

John adds: “Lombard’s experience was evident from the beginning. I knew them by reputation and having then engaged with them they didn’t disappoint. We established a strong rapport from the beginning, and the whole team demonstrated a very distinctive expertise and an impressive attitude where nothing was too much trouble.”

He continues, “The boat was in Hamble in Hampshire while I live in the Cotswolds so knowing that Lombard was overseeing the process was very reassuring. They managed everything on our behalf – from registering Sidney with the full Ship’s Register to couriering the sale documents to my hotel in Cornwall while I was on holiday in the final part of what was a very quick process.”

John concludes, “Based on my experience of yacht-buying, my advice to a prospective boat purchaser would be to research what finance options are available to you, then go to a specialist finance company to discuss these options. In my view, Lombard is one of the most experienced lenders in this sector.”

Lombard will be exhibiting at the Southampton Boat Show from 13-22 September at stand E046 and at Helitech, the Helicopter Exhibition, from 24-26 September at stand F60. These are two flagship industry events that will be showcasing a wide range of vessels and aircraft should you be considering fulfilling either a boating or flying aspiration. If you would like to find out more about how Lombard may be able to help you with an acquisition of this nature, while helping you to protect your hard-earned capital, please click here to find out more –


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