Is it a buyer’s market?

Not a buyers marketRob Goddard
Evolution Complete Business Sales

It doesn’t need to be, and our experience is quite the opposite, if you follow the following 6 steps;

  1. Prepare your company before marketing it for sale.
  2. Speak with at least 6 buyers in order to generate several offers.  You should have at least 3 offers on the table to create a competitive environment.
  3. Never give a price, invite the buyer make an indicative offer of what your business is worth to them.
  4. Provide commercial arguments as to why a buyer should pay more for your business.
  5. Commercialise your “intangible assets”
  6. Understand specifically what differentiates your business from the competition.  Everyone says, “great service” – what does “great service” mean?  E.g. high repeat buyer rate, dozens of written testimonials, or regular client service surveys?
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