Is Now the Right Time to Sell My Business?

This is a question I am regularly asked by business owners, whether we are experiencing a boom time or a recessionary period.  It’s a crucial question and the short answer is, it could well be.
Our experience over the past 25 years is that generally, owners tend to procrastinate on this decision. Instead by default allow outside factors to determine timing, rather than have a structured exit strategy in place.  Planning your exit from your business is essential.  It puts you in control and provides you with “light at the end of the tunnel.”At Evolution, we work with shareholders to discuss their long term goals and how the sale of their business will assist and when would be an optimum time to sell?
Any company is sellable, but what is important is the price it sells for.  We encourage owners to consider what they need the business to be worth, providing the resources to embark on a new chapter in their life. “Life after sale” might be to buy another company, or alternatively to spend more time with their partner, children or grand children. Whatever your reason for selling, keep that central in your thinking.  The sale of your business is simply a conduit to make a lifestyle change.
If there is a shortfall in what the business is might be worth now and what you need it to be worth, Evolution can help you identify what needs to be actioned to increase company value, how it can be achieved and set milestones along the way.
Planning your exit improves the eventual  price you sell for and the tax that you pay.  Evolution offer a free 2-hour business review to help SME owners to create a route map for exit. This puts them in charge of their own destiny and helps them maximise the price that they eventually sell for.

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