Is your business ready to receive an offer?

Accept an offer for your business?Last week, The Times told us ‘an M&A bonanza’ could be on the way as Dealogic announced nearly $70bn worth of deals in Q1 2017. Is your business ready to cash in?


Here are the key questions you would need to be able to answer if an offer came in right now:


    • Who are your professional advisers? Are your usual accountant and lawyer experienced in business sales? If not, who in their team is and how well do they know your business? Who will act as your sales agent?
    • Is your data room ready? Do you know what information you will want and need to make available? Is it organised and ready to present you in the best possible light? How will you make it available to your buyers?
    • Can you assess the offer? Do you know the fair market value of your business? Do you know what will affect the value of your business for this particular buyer? Can you defend your valuation?
  • Have you dealt with all the gremlins? Do you have any ‘Deal Killers’ lurking in the shadows? Do you know what will come up in due diligence and do you have a strategy for addressing it?
  • Who might give you a counter offer? Who should you approach to start a bidding war and ensure you get the best price?


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