Make yourself redundant from your own business!

A familiar cry from business owners is, “I would replace myself if I could find the right person,” so I’m told. Trust me, there are CEOs/MDs/Directors out there better than you.

Inevitably, all businesses plateau in performance and the most common explanation being that the current leadership team / owners have taken the business as far as they can. They have reached their level of competence in running a business. The solution is to buy in leadership and management talent that provides the additional skills and expertise you do not possess, or struggle with, in order to propel the business into its next “step-change” growth cycle. Without it, it’s unlikely to occur. Unless of course you get lucky, or hope things will change.

Why run business on being hopeful…why not take a positive step and parachute in people better than you? It also has the amazing benefit of liberating you as an owner/manager from the day-to-day of operating “in the” business, allowing you to work “on it”. Best of all, your business will be worth so much more, when the time comes to sell it.

Larraine Boorman is Chairman & CEO of Optima UK Inc., which has over 6,000 candidates across all disciplines, sectors and roles. The likelihood is many top professionals would also consider investing their own cash into businesses they work within. If you would like to explore propelling your business into a fresh period of growth with new talent acquisition, have a chat with Larraine.



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