There’s a world outside your business

When you’re taking stock of your business, it’s useful to understand exactly where you are in your business’s life cycle. Having got through the start-up phase, many businesses enjoy good times with some payback for the initial investment and hard work. It’s easy for owner-managers to become wrapped up inside the business; it’s a demanding and time-consuming job. But after a while owners can start to feel frustrated, increasingly stretched and may enter a phase of disillusionment. Rather than continued growth, the business starts to stagnate.

However, a bit of forward planning and a look at the outside world can help you be a front-runner, spot any likely new trends and eventually reap the rewards.

Take a look at our blog, ‘Keep an Eye on the Bigger Picture’, contributed by Shipleys LLP, to find out more about these three elements you should consider when trying to grow your business to its maximum potential.

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