Planning Your Exit

Know your value
An early strategic valuation and vendor due diligence will enable owners to determine the key value drivers of the business and identify the areas that will impact on its sale value.  Owners will need time to work with their advisors to design an action plan which may focus on areas such as restructuring, tax planning, building management teams, diversifying revenue streams and/or closing down loss making divisions.”

Begin thinking about your market strategy early
With a clear strategy in mind, it will be easier to identify potential buyers, including complementary businesses who are see the strategic need for diversification. Targeting potential buyers early and understanding their needs and future requirements will enable the business owner to strategically position their business to the demands of the market.”

Be aware of the tax consequences
Understanding the tax consequences of a sale is vitally important. All too often the profit of a business sale is diminished due to an unexpected capital gains tax bill. It’s heartbreaking for many owners who’ve worked their whole lives in their business. A well thought out tax strategy should form an integral part of the overall exit planning process and it’s important to know up front if your corporate advisor has access to the necessary tax expertise.”

Don’t neglect personal finances
With the business acting as the primary asset to fund future income, it is imperative for the owner to pay attention to his or her personal finances. Most small business owners focus on accumulating wealth within the business and investing surplus profits back into the operations. Essentially, it becomes their only asset.

Get the right advice
2 hours now with Evolution could double or treble the value of your business in the future planned sale.  Please call us to find out more.

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