Evolution CBS and Shirlaws combine to support SMEs to create equity value

‘Growth to Exit’ – Evolution CBS and Shirlaws combine to support SMEs to create equity value

Business sales advisers Evolution CBS and international business consulting fi rm Shirlaws Group, are to collaborate to bring a new range of ‘Growth to Exit’ services to the SME market.

Rob Goddard, CEO of Evolution CBS, explained: “There’s a natural fi t between the long-term preparation of a business for sale in order to create an attractive exit for shareholders, in terms of price and deal structure. Many business owners have an inflated view of the value of their businesses which isn’t challenged until they take their companies to market, and that is far too late.

Bridging that ‘value gap’ can be a challenge for SMEs as many don’t have formal growth plans in place and don’t believe they have the time or skills to create them. This is where Shirlaws really delivers results, enabling business owners to bridge that gap and achieve premium exit prices.”

Shirlaws is a leading business advisory company, working with CEOs and Business Owners, enabling them to achieve long-term, profi table and sustainable business growth. Shirlaws’ unique frameworks and vast experience across the whole business journey gives clients the confi dence to change, the courage to invest and the freedom to choose.

While Shirlaws has its own corporate fi nance arm, Assay Advisory, it typically handles transactions for companies with annual revenues in excess of £5m. The collaboration with Evolution ensures that all Shirlaws’ clients, irrespective of size, now have access to M&A advice with the most appropriate skill set and market focus. Darryl Bates-Brownsword, Head of Consulting, Shirlaws Group, added, “Exiting your business is a massive moment for most people. It can bring up a lot of emotion as often your business is so much of your life. And there are so many important considerations. For some, exiting the business means the complete sale to an external party. For others it is succession planning – handing it on to the family or business partners. Either way, all the same considerations are in play – Who do you sell to? When? Maximising the valuation? Funding the exit? What to do next with one’s life? How to manage the wealth and look after the children?

“Shirlaws Group is delighted to be collaborating with Evolution CBS, which has built an enviable reputation for the quality of its advice and its understanding of M&A in the SME market.

“Business owners can now look forward to comprehensive support at every step of their journey, giving the best opportunity to maximize the equity value of their businesses,” he adds.

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