The benefits of Spofforths and Kreston Reeves merging

Bryan_Elkins001a - website photoAs of 1st June 2016 leading Accountancy firm Spofforths will merge with Kreston Reeves, another highly-respected, long standing firm of accountants and business advisers, creating one of the largest accountancy and financial advisory firms in the South-East from two of its longest established practices.

We are pleased to announce that Spofforths will be merging with Kreston Reeves, another highly-respected, long standing firm of accountants and business advisers. The merge has benefits for both of the businesses involved, providing an opportunity for both Spofforths and Kreston Reeves to improve on the service currently offered to clients.


But what benefits will the merger hold?

Firstly, one of the main benefits of the merger is having the ability to draw on another firm’s expertise and experience within the sector. The newly merged firm will be able to offer clients a greater depth of resource and breadth of service. It will also provide a stronger base upon which to develop a range of new services to meet changing business needs.

As well as benefiting the clients, a merger also has many benefits for the businesses involved. As well as the improved service, a merger will provide an opportunity for businesses to grow and develop. For example, the Spofforths and Kreston Reeves merge will rank the newly formed firm within the top 25 in the country. This will mean both Spofforths and Kreston Reeves have the joint capacity to expand on and improve the range and size of clients using the firm and therefore grow the business to offer improved client services.

Finally, we want to make it clear that the Spofforths and Kreston Reeves will have no effect on our current clients and we will continue to deliver the same high quality we always have to our clients.

For advice and further information regarding mergers, please do contact me at or on 01403 253282.
Bryan Elkins, Head of Spofforths Tax Consultancy Services

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