Stepping Stones – Strategy Report Introductory offer

Stepping Stones is a strategy tool for business owners. With experience of over 500 business sales, totalling more than £2bn in transaction values, we understand what acquirers and investors are looking for and what triggers buyers to offer premium prices.
This detailed 42-page Report provides an assessment of the value and saleability of your business today and what it could be worth in the future, using key industry criteria. It examines your business, and the market sector in which you operate, drilling down to identify those business drivers, both current and future, that impact value, enabling you to make your business significantly more attractive to acquirers or investors.

For orders received before the 21st April, we are offering £300 off the normal price of £1,895 excluding VAT.

Read more online, or call us on 0118 959 8224 and get the information you need to before deciding whether and when to sell or to invest and grow.

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