Kay Binns

Research Director

Kay has 11 years experience in the M&A industry, following more than 20 years experience working at executive level in mid-market Technology, Manufacturing and Engineering companies.

Her range of skills include marketing, research and analysis and business development.

Having also been an owner/manager of her own business she also has considerable insight into the rewards and challenges of running a small private company.

For EvolutionCBS her role is to identify potential buyers or sellers for our clients’ businesses and to prepare the Information Memoranda and other documents required as part of a market approach.

Outside of work she is a keen golfer, follower of F1 racing and a proud grandmother to 3 grandsons.

If you would like to discuss a potential business sale with one of our Client Directors, please either call Amanda on 0118 959 8224, email agale@evolutioncbs.co.uk or Make An Online Enquiry.

This will be completely confidential and without any obligation.


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