Steve Barry

Senior Client Director

With approaching 30 years’ proven success as a transformational business leader, Steve can evidence outstanding expertise in leading from the front to deliver business transformation, turnaround, post-acquisition integration and structured growth. His unique combination of leadership, passion, enthusiasm and energy has consistently been characterised and described as both “transformational” & “inspirational” in equal measure.

He therefore brings with him a wealth of expertise and experience in terms of what works – and what doesn’t – in building vibrant and successful organisations and has worked extensively with UK SMB, mid-corporate and Public Sectors organisations.
This, in conjunction with more years than he’ll ever want to admit working at the highest possible level in sales, distribution, business development, executive coaching, capability development and mentoring enables him to bring unrivalled experience to businesses in need of organisational development and growth.

Out of work, Steve’s passion extends to his life as a husband and father of four with a love of all things family related including DIY, walking his dogs and the finest of red wine – whether it’s just drinking it or most recently making his own!

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