The 11 Commandments of Selling Your Business for all it’s worth – On Water

Local companies, Sunseeker and Evolution Complete Business Sales have collaborated to organise an innovative and truly unique business event, “floating seminars.”  Selling a business is not about the process, it’s about what a successful exit strategy can do to enhance your life, or indeed make a complete change.

The “floating semniar” is designed to assist business owners in maximising their shareholder value in readiness for company sale.  The “must dos” and “must avoids” to selling a business, a 3 hour event packed with informative tips and guidance for

Despite starting as an overcast February day, the atmosphere onboard was bright, cheerful and charged with excitement.  40 business owners from 26 industry sectors
congregated for the event.  Companies from a very broad range of industries, from tyre recycling to high-tech electronics.  Visitors even came from as far afield as Pennsylvania and Los Angeles.  A truly international event.

All took away invaluable advice on how they can maximise the value of their business, in order to be ready for investment or actual sale.

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Rob Goddard
Managing Director
Evolution Complete Business Sales Ltd

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