Thinking of buying a business?

bus for saleBuying an existing business can bring with it a multitude of benefits. The company will already have an established customer base and will be generating revenue and profit. It will have processes and structures in place, together with an experienced and skilled workforce.

It’s essential to have a profile of your ideal target company before starting to create an initial approach list. You need to be able to research into suitable companies that fit the profile you’re looking for, before approaching them to discover their compatibility; financial health and history, growth potential and intangible assets – and that’s just for starters.

Having decided on your chosen target company, negotiation meetings have to take place, usually several times, before buyer and seller finally reach an agreement and move on to formal due diligence. Having an experienced adviser in the room to assist with negotiations and handle any other problems that may arise can help both parties to stay focussed and enable them to agree outline terms – saving time and expense as the process moves through due diligence.

There’s no doubt that buying a trading businesss is a time and resource intensive process, and it can be a bumpy ride, but the benefits can be significant and far reaching.

To find out how we can help you find your ideal acquisition, download our service brochure at and find some legal advice from Keystone Law in our blogpost


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