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Evolution Complete Business Sales helps business owners to reap their well-deserved financial reward from the sale of their companies.

Our team has a unique and extensive blend of skills in finance, sales, marketing and business management creating a unique blend that delivers exceptional results for our clients. We are passionate about customer service and our values of professionalism, pragmatism and integrity run deep in every aspect of our business.

We do this through 3 services:

Rob Goddard

Business Growth

a bespoke Growth to Exit service to maximise shareholder value in preparation for sale

Business Acquisitions

identifying strategic acquisitions that will fast-track business growth

Business Sales

ensuring that you achieve the maximum value from the sale of your business


  • We are very impressed with the way your company handled the whole project, and with a successful outcome, so thank you!
    Eddie Wheatcroft, General Manager, UBT UK
  • It’s been very good to work with you.
    MD of a Fire and Security Company
  • We have worked with Evolution now for 4 months and would certainly recommend them to any business looking to grow, the training sessions are very challenging, but make you drill into the detail that needs to change. Evolutions training program has helped us develop a stronger structure and lifted the level of accountability throughout the business.
    MD of WMS Underfloor Heating
  • A very well structured and methodical process for the potential acquisition of a business. Including detailed reporting, organised venues for meeting up with business owners, NDA’s and financials.
    M.D. of a Fire and Security Company

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