Top Tips When Selling a Business

Our CEO and Client Directors discuss the different aspects of selling a business and share their experiences and top tips.

Mitigating Risk
Biggest deal challenge?
Incentivising the senior team
What does due diligence encompass?
How long will I have to stay on?
Wait for a better price? What are the risks?
Handling unsolicited approaches
Is a valuation necessary before a sale?
Is the business saleable?
Not ready yet? When to start planning
What can slow down the sale process?
Minimising tax on a sale
Taking cash out before a sale
Trade buyer or financial investor?
Keeping financial information secure
Checking acquirers’ credibility
Should you tell your customers?

Disclosing business information to a buyer
Business warranty liabilities

Selling to the management team
Common deal breakers

Wait until COVID-19 is over?
Podcast – It’s not the business that fails, but the business owners that fail

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