What concerns owners when selling their businesses?

At the fourth in this year’s series of Evolution CBS Business Masterclasses, delegates discussed what issues concerned them most about selling their businesses.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that getting the right price was pretty much a universal concern, along with choosing the right time to sell. However, concern for employees was also a key issue for many owners, reflecting the value today’s business owners, as well as acquirers and investors, put on a skilled and experienced workforce.

Evolution’s MD, Rob Goddard, and solicitor Reagan Scarborough from Mackrell Turner Garrett had described the process of selling a business and legal due diligence, highlighting the benefits of early preparation for sale and the key “do’s and don’ts” in response to concerns about the time and work involved in selling a business. No business owner can afford to take their eyes off the ball, particularly when it comes to selling the business so the importance of an experienced advisory team cannot be over-stated.

Presentations by Broadstone’s Duncan Wilson on pre and post-sale financial planning and Annie Hunter, MD of How2, on the availability and access criteria of government funds for SMEs highlighted other benefits of early exit planning and the positive impact on sale values. These were followed by 2 interactive break-out sessions where delegates’ specific concerns were discussed – including the pros and cons of different deal structures, tax planning, shareholder disagreements, negotiation meetings and the complex issue of “Sellers Remorse” – something few owners are conscious of when they embark on selling the business yet a major factor in unsuccessful sales.

If you own a business why not come along to a Masterclass – the free professional advice you’ll receive in just 3 hours could make a significant improvement to your company’s sale value.

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