Acquirers ‘feel the heat’ over HVAC acquisitions

As well as plenty of sunshine, the recent heatwave again highlighted the essential work of Britain’s HVAC companies. From hospitals to large corporate offices, manufacturing plants and engineering workshops, the demand for HVAC services remainsRead more

The Value of Objectivity in Mergers and Acquisitions

When Accenture recently announced its acquisition of digital engineering company Objectivity, it brought to mind the importance of the term ‘objectivity’. In the world of Mergers and Acquisitions, the noun objectivity, i.e., meaning a lackRead more

Valuation and the Return on Investment Puzzle

Valuations can vary tremendously from deal to deal, with the quantum of any offer subject to a wide range of influences, including critically, the acquirer’s view of their ultimate Return on Investment from the purchase.Read more

What Constitutes Success?

In February 2021, the M&A market may have seen one of the most unexpected and unprecedented deals take place. The transaction was a £2million investment to acquire 100 percent control of a business which hadRead more

How to avoid a post-Acquisition culture clash

Having successfully completed the sale of a company, it can be surprising to discover that post-acquisition the predicted strategic gains that could have materialised have been scuppered by nothing less than a culture clash, namelyRead more

Private Equity – a seismic shift in SME M&A

Why are Private Equity acquirers becoming such an attractive option for SME business owners?   Private Equity (PE) buyers have been around a long time – responsible for some of the largest, headline-grabbing transactions inRead more

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