The Pandemic’s harmful habit

“I can’t help it,” groaned Richard, shaking his head with a rueful grin.  “Every night, it’s like an irresistible urge.  It’s probably not doing me much good – but can it be doing me anyRead more

Problems you did not know you had

When I was asked to write an article for this newsletter I was initially nervous, I wrote a short column some years ago and remember struggling to come up with things to write about andRead more

What’s reducing the value of your business?

It’s fair to say that this isn’t the first thing a business owner is likely to think about every day. This is particularly true in the SME sector, especially in owner-managed businesses. The business ticksRead more

Life after sale – what happens next?

Your business has been your life. You’ve been consumed by its needs and now the pressure’s off.  Here you are in the calm after the storm. People find it very difficult to imagine what their life willRead more

Data privacy – could it affect the value of your business?

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) recently announced big fines imposed on Flybe and Honda because of the way they have responded to new privacy legislation. Are you aware of the legislation – and could itRead more

Is your business ready to receive an offer?

Last week, The Times told us ‘an M&A bonanza’ could be on the way as Dealogic announced nearly $70bn worth of deals in Q1 2017. Is your business ready to cash in?   Here areRead more

R&D tax credits – a great advert for your business

Buried in the small print of the Budget was a line telling us to expect more publicity this year around Research & Development (R&D) tax credits. So what are they – and why are theyRead more

Consider this – wealth planning on selling a business

  At Brown Shipley we have many clients who run their own business; they might be family businesses run for generations or entrepreneurs seizing on an untapped niche in the market. When the time comes,Read more

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