Middle Market M&A update

Despite the economic turbulence that has prevailed for much of 2023, the M&A market has fared better than had been expected. However, there is a qualification needed here. There has been a marked drop inRead more

Build Equity Value to Underpin Future Success

Company owners/Shareholders frequently ask the question “How much is my business worth?” However, an equally important question might be “How can I build future Equity Value into the business?” While the answer to this questionRead more

Acquirers ‘feel the heat’ over HVAC acquisitions

As well as plenty of sunshine, the recent heatwave again highlighted the essential work of Britain’s HVAC companies. From hospitals to large corporate offices, manufacturing plants and engineering workshops, the demand for HVAC services remainsRead more

Trade or Private Equity buyer – which is best for SMEs

There is no general ‘Rule of Thumb’ when it comes to exit strategies for business owners. Every business and its encompassing considerations are unique, therefore, there will almost always be a choice of exit optionsRead more

Confidentiality: A proactive and defensive measure for a smooth sale of your business

Selling a business is a complex process that requires careful planning and consideration. As a business owner it is important to understand the procedures that protect you and your business. One of these complexities isRead more

8 reasons to prepare early for a business sale

Like many things, preparation is the key to success. The same is true for business owners that want to take a full or partial exit from their companies. In tougher economic times, when it’s aRead more

‘Dark Arts’ – How acquirers structure deals.

Structuring a deal is often likened to a ‘dark art’ and for good reasons. In essence, an acquirer will tend to keep their cards close to their chest when structuring any offer to buy aRead more

Foreign Acquirers Fly-In for British Companies

It should come as no surprise that foreign acquirers and investors still find Britain seriously attractive as a destination when searching for great companies to acquire. When it comes to buying businesses the reasons forRead more

How to know you’ve found the right acquirer for your business.

A business owner and acquirer shake hands.

For many company owners knowing that they are engaging with the right acquirer for their business is as crucial a question as ‘how much is my company worth?’ While it’s possible to strike it luckyRead more

Strong deal valuations persist as Private Equity demand continues to intensify

Dealmakers continue to see strong deal valuations with Private Equity firms leading the charge to deploy the global surplus of cash, reportedly in the region of €1.1 trillion. [1] The Q.2 2020 ‘Covid correction’ sawRead more

Should business owners consider selling to Private Equity?

As trusted advisers our role is to find the best buyer for our clients’ business and we are, therefore, unbiased on the question of trade or private equity. However, we do urge clients to keepRead more

Selling your business: The bits you must know and what to let go

One of the biggest obstacles between a business owner and a business sale is the need to ‘control’ everything, from top management all the way through the company. Last month, we looked at how youRead more

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