‘Dark Arts’ – How acquirers structure deals.

Structuring a deal is often likened to a ‘dark art’ and for good reasons. In essence, an acquirer will tend to keep their cards close to their chest when structuring any offer to buy aRead more

Foreign Acquirers Fly-In for British Companies

It should come as no surprise that foreign acquirers and investors still find Britain seriously attractive as a destination when searching for great companies to acquire. When it comes to buying businesses the reasons forRead more

How to know you’ve found the right acquirer for your business.

A business owner and acquirer shake hands.

For many company owners knowing that they are engaging with the right acquirer for their business is as crucial a question as ‘how much is my company worth?’ While it’s possible to strike it luckyRead more

Strong deal valuations persist as Private Equity demand continues to intensify

Dealmakers continue to see strong deal valuations with Private Equity firms leading the charge to deploy the global surplus of cash, reportedly in the region of €1.1 trillion. [1] The Q.2 2020 ‘Covid correction’ sawRead more

Should business owners consider selling to Private Equity?

As trusted advisers our role is to find the best buyer for our clients’ business and we are, therefore, unbiased on the question of trade or private equity. However, we do urge clients to keepRead more

Selling your business: The bits you must know and what to let go

One of the biggest obstacles between a business owner and a business sale is the need to ‘control’ everything, from top management all the way through the company. Last month, we looked at how youRead more

Don’t let your ego ruin your business sale

Somebody recently asked our former CEO, Rob Goddard, “What has been the biggest challenge for you with a client?”, and for a brief moment he was actually stumped. Nobody had asked him that in twentyRead more

The Business Selling Psyche

Selling a business that you’ve built from scratch can be an emotional rollercoaster ride. Not many business leaders are used to dealing with mood swings … are you prepared for it? If you’re in the earlyRead more

Top reasons why owners sell their business

Over recent years, the reasons that business owners give for their wanting to sell and move on have increased. They don’t all want to put their toes up, though. In this modern, tech-enabled era, manyRead more

Clash of Clans

During the process of selling a business, at the stage where the seller is in exploratory discussions with potential buyers, one of the unlisted items on the agenda is how the two parties assess the cultural fitRead more

How sticky are your customers?

  When you’re planning to sell a business, one of the key assets you will be offering is your customer base. This is a major value driver for both seller and buyer and it isRead more

Why 80% of businesses fail to sell – Part 4

  It is a sad fact that across the UK SME market 4 out of 5 private companies will fail to sell, meaning only 20% of those taken to market achieve a successful outcome. InRead more

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