Webinar Recording – What’s stopping you from deciding to sell your business?

Data shows us that UK investors are leading the way as UK private company sales reach their highest level in nearly two years.

On 9th June we held a Webinar with guest speakers, Maung Aye and Rob Watson from Mackrell International Solicitors and Amy Crofton from Foresight Private Equity to get their views on how markets are recovering and explore whether 2021 is a good time for private business owners to start their exit journey.

We also asked delegates to put their specific questions to the panel, which included our Directors Mike Whittle and Steve Barry. With lively input from the delegates this created an interesting debate on the various concerns that they had regarding what’s involved in selling a business from the funding, legal and commercial aspects of a transaction.

If you don’t have time to watch the whole video of the webinar, we’ve provided some short clips that answer some of the delegates most frequently asked questions.

If your business has now reached a stage where you want to explore the various options for an exit, please call us on 0118 959 8224 or email Islay at ithomson@evolutioncbs.co.uk.

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