Taking time to prepare a business (and its owners) for a sale will bring significant reward, not least of which are a business that is more attractive to acquirers and able to command a higher price.

Typically a business sale process will take a year, so it is wise to allow a year before starting that process to prepare.

Here is a small selection of things to consider:

  • Are you planning to retire fully?
  • Would you be willing to invest some of your equity with the buyer and work for the new owner?
  • What type of sale would you consider? Sale of shares or sale of assets only?
  • Are you looking to transition the company to the next generation of your family or to your senior management team?
  • Is there a management team in place that handles day to day operations?
  • Who holds the key client relationships?
  • Does your business have contracts with key clients?
  • Is the business reliant on any particular client?
  • Is the supply chain secure?
  • Are your staff handbooks, employment contracts and policies up to date?
  • Is any Intellectual Property fully protected?
  • Is your website up to date and error free?
  • Does your website contain properly drafted disclaimers, privacy policies, copyright notices and terms and conditions for business?
  • Are all the assets in the Company’s name rather than individual names?
  • Are your quality and vendor accreditations, regulatory approvals and licences up to date?
  • Does the company produce regular management accounts?
  • Would you sell to a competitor?
  • Can you list all exceptional items in the P&L?
  • Do you have a forecast and budget?
  • Are there any legal disputes?
  • Are all shareholders in agreement with the sale?
  • Is there an up to date shareholders’ agreement in place?

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