Create a safe place to make your business choices

Now that we’re slowly emerging from Covid-19 isolation, it’s more important than ever that you have a solid, ‘safe place’ in which you can make the decisions that will affect your business.

This has been a mentally testing time for everyone.  If you were planning to sell your business at the time of the pandemic’s breakout, you have been on a psychological and emotional rollercoaster for a couple of months.  Are you in a strong enough place mentally to make the kind of decisions you need to make for your business over the mid-term to long-term?

If you don’t feel that you are, you’re not alone.

No problem seems quite as insurmountable when it’s shared with somebody else.  As far as an immediate stressbuster is concerned, you can’t do better than to find someone you can trust to listen to your concerns.


Never make a decision concerning the sale of your business based on how you feel at the time.  The chances are that you’ll change your mind as circumstances change – and they always do.

Where do you see yourself in a few years’ time?  What would you like the shape of your future life to look like?  Who is in it, where are you and what kind of things are you doing?  How does that vision make you feel?  Guaranteed, it will make you feel better than you do today.

Remember, you had goals before this pandemic arrived.  Don’t let it sway you from the feelings that your vision gives you:  if you hold tight to them now, your choices concerning your business will stand a better chance of being good ones.


Of course, you should ask for the help of business sales experts to help you diagnose and guide you through the sales process over time.  They can help you to find the right buyer, too.  But the main thing is that you choose the right people to help you mentally and to support you emotionally.

These may not be experts in sales, but they should be experts in you.  We’re talking about family or close friends; people who have been in your life for some time already.  The ones who know your quirks, what makes you smile, the weight of responsibility you carry everyday … the golden relationships that you’ve nurtured naturally over years.

Tell them about your choices and plans and keep a journal, so that if you feel like changing your mind in a couple of months’ time about selling, you can remind yourself why you made your original decision.  Times of market fluctuation can cause a great deal of stress that can affect your decision-making if you don’t have those stable relationships in your life.

Whether you want to move ahead and sell or to hold back and prepare, EvolutionCBS can help.  Find out how you can continue to prepare your business for sale without having to make any premature decisions by talking to one of the team at EvolutionCBS.  You’re welcome to come along to one of our free EvolutionCBS webinars.

See you there!


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