Why wait until a major event to plan for the future of your business?

You don’t plan for retirement a few months before you retire so why wait until a major event to plan for the future of your business?As business owners continue to juggle the significant demands of trading in a global pandemic, it’s more important than ever to understand how much the business is worth to ensure that your plans and goals, affecting both business and personal life, are on the right track.

EvolutionCBS offers an online free business valuation report that draws on industry statistics to help business owners gain a deeper understanding of how their business is performing. This 29-page report will help bring deeper insight and uncover ways to improve.

How will the report help you?

1.) Worth – In many cases a business owner’s largest asset is their business. Without knowing the value of their business, it is impossible to know a business owner’s true net worth.

2.) Protection – Ensuring proper protection starts with understanding a business’s value. Most business owners do not know what their business’s full worth, which means that they may be undervaluing what they can provide for their loved ones. Proper protection and risk planning can help their families remain financially secure if something were to happen.

4.) Informed Decision Making – Helping you to make plans for the future of the business. This could include creating a succession plan, determining whether to sell or pass the business down to a future generation, or simply determining a growth strategy.

3.) Future Planning –A business often drives the decisions made around retirement, retirement income, estate, and/or trust planning. In many cases the business will be one of the main sources of retirement income so it’s essential to have a clear understanding of its value in different situations.

What values will the report give you?

1.) Equity Value – Includes Inventory/supplies, fixed assets and intangible assets, PLUS liquid financial assets LESS all liabilities. This value involves the full transfer of the legal entity including all account balances and current tax attributes. (The buyer is acquiring ALL of the assets and liabilities, on and off the balance sheet)

2.) Asset Sale Value – Includes ONLY inventory/supplies, fixed assets, and all tangible assets. Excludes all liquid financial assets and all liabilities. Buyer operates from newly formed legal entity. (The seller keeps the cash and receivables but delivers the business free and clear of all debt)

3.) Enterprise Value – Enterprise Value reflects the firm’s value as a functioning entity and it is helpful in that it facilitates the comparison of companies with varying levels of debt.

4.) Liquidation Value – Based on the assumption of insolvency and the immediate sale of all assets on the balance sheet coupled with the satisfaction of all debts. This figure does not include accounts receivable.

Free business valuation

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