What an amazing venue for our first “live” Business Owners Masterclass in two years. It was held at Mercedes-Benz World in Surrey. A really interesting mix of delegates, all of whom came along to findRead more

Are bidding wars a good thing?

From an unsolicited bid from one Private Equity group to a full on bidding war – Morrisons Supermarkets saw its share price rise by 11% today as the number of bidders increased to 3 andRead more

Should business owners consider selling to Private Equity?

As trusted advisers our role is to find the best buyer for our clients’ business and we are, therefore, unbiased on the question of trade or private equity. However, we do urge clients to keepRead more

Selling a family business

It’s been the subject of many a debate in your family for a few years – some more heated than others. Now, you’ve finally decided that you want to sell the business and move onRead more

Rekindle your love for your business

There comes a time in most business owners’ lives when the whirl of daily excitement starts to dissipate to an everyday drudge. The sound of the morning alarm no longer hurls you out of bed andRead more

How to start the process – a client’s story

You’ve heard a lot of business owners tell you what a minefield selling your business can be. Are you sitting on the fence, wanting to start the process but wondering where to start? It’s trueRead more

How Much is Your Business Worth?

While lockdown rules begin to change and businesses tentatively reopen their doors, the effects of the pandemic on most are emerging in stark relief. Even before Covid-19 arrived, digital reform was changing the way theRead more

A “Magic Number” can help you to sell your business

For many, Covid-19 has done a good job of shattering business goals.  How do you get back on track following a global pandemic?  How do you even find the energy to start while it’s stillRead more

Create a safe place to make your business choices

Now that we’re slowly emerging from Covid-19 isolation, it’s more important than ever that you have a solid, ‘safe place’ in which you can make the decisions that will affect your business. This has beenRead more

When a crisis becomes an opportunity

Were you planning to sell your business before the Covid-19 outbreak shook everything up?  Has the resulting economic crisis made you change your mind? Many businesses are rethinking their growth strategy in the wake ofRead more

The business seller’s mindset during COVID-19

When you decided to sell your business, you had a dream in mind.  A vision of what you would be doing after the sale – retired in a sunny country, buying a new business inRead more

Knowing When To Sell

You’ve been toying with the idea for a couple of years. It sneaks into your thoughts in the middle of the night when you’re struggling to get to sleep. When are you going to sell yourRead more

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