Competitive Tension: What it is, and how to sustain it.

When attempting to sell a company, it will always be better to have a number of potential acquirers interested in your business, submitting competitive offers to give the departing shareholders a ‘choice’ of exit options.Read more

International Reach Key to Post-Pandemic Deal Making

Businessman walks through airport.

Selling a business in the current macroeconomic environment requires more than the usual offering that most company sale brokers bring to the table. It needs new proactive approaches, including courting interest from a variety ofRead more

Cloud infrastructure specialist ERA set to receive the benefit of significant growth capital in a transaction managed by EvolutionCBS

European Raid Arrays Ltd (ERA), a provider of cloud infrastructure-as-a-service solutions is now set to benefit from an injection of significant growth capital following discussions with Private Equity firm Rockpool Investments, in a transaction managedRead more

It’s never too soon to start planning your sale.

Confused about whether it is a good time to sell your business? Given the tone of the current economic news, you’d be forgiven for thinking that now simply isn’t the best time to undertake aRead more

Five Ways to improve your chances of a successful sale.

Most M&A bloggers will publish scary stories about why businesses fail to sell, which is understandable, given that every year countless business owners attempt to sell a company, only to suffer frustration en route toRead more

Acquirers keen on Thames Valley Acquisitions

The Thames Valley has remained an undisputed economic powerhouse over recent years, holding special appeal for domestic and international investors and corporates alike, particularly as it is part of the fastest-growing UK region outside ofRead more

EvolutionCBS Masterclass drives passion for business at Mercedes Benz World

M&A experts EvolutionCBS were joined by company owners from across the South East for a Masterclass at Mercedes Benz World in Weybridge, Surrey, addressing the complexities of selling a business. The half-day event, which aimedRead more

What Covid-19 taught us about selling businesses.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the Pandemic impact on business and the wider economy has meant that selling a company is now significantly more challenging than in previous years. Our experience, however, suggests thatRead more

If ‘Cash is King’, is Deal Structure Queen?

‘Cash is King’ is an often-used phrase in mergers and acquisitions circles, particularly as advisors are keen to deliver maximised valuations for their vendor clients. If the saying that ‘Cash is king’ is true, thenRead more

Foreign Acquirers Fly-In for British Companies

It should come as no surprise that foreign acquirers and investors still find Britain seriously attractive as a destination when searching for great companies to acquire. When it comes to buying businesses the reasons forRead more

How to know you’ve found the right acquirer for your business.

A business owner and acquirer shake hands.

For many company owners knowing that they are engaging with the right acquirer for their business is as crucial a question as ‘how much is my company worth?’ While it’s possible to strike it luckyRead more

Deal activity in the UK Construction sector

Construction sector deal activity remained strong in 2021, with deal volumes exceeding 2019 levels, despite the impact of the Pandemic on the Construction sector. Acquirers with a keen eye on buying Construction companies drove dealmaking,Read more

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