Selling a Business in an Ever-Changing Market

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Even in ‘normal’ times, external influences affect business. Since COVID-19 began, we’ve had an uncomfortable time of it.

The changes have not been all bad, though. Many businesses have made sudden, enforced changes since March 2020 with an agility of thinking that they didn’t know they had. If your business model is ready for a change, speak with your business sales team. Bring trustworthy advisers in, so that at least your exit plan is in place before you start the sales process.

Read the full article here on how you can unlock the value of lockdown and make your business more appealing to buyers right now – and why not try out our free business valuation tool


About the Author:

With approaching 30 years’ proven success as a transformational business leader, Steve can evidence outstanding expertise in leading from the front to deliver business transformation, turnaround, post-acquisition integration and structured growth. His unique combination of leadership, passion, enthusiasm and energy has consistently been characterised and described as both “transformational”  & “inspirational” in equal measure.

His wealth of expertise and experience in terms of what works – and what doesn’t – in building vibrant and successful organisations enables him to bring unrivalled experience to businesses in need of organisational development and growth.

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