4 ways to supercharge business growth

According to a recent report from the CEBR SMEs that are effective business planners expect to see revenue growth of 8.2 per cent in 2016. So it’s not surprising that the focus of most business owners and their teams will be on growth strategies.
Growth strategies need to evolve as a business develops and changes. As businesses grow they develop assets, people, skills, intellectual property etc. Not only does this add value, it also provides the board with specific business value drivers that can be used to grow the business. Unsurprisingly, therefore, the strategy that worked at start up may not work for a company that’s been trading for a few years.

There are 4 key areas that can supercharge business growth:

  • Creating growth drivers – exploring the “hidden” assets in a business that have the potential to deliver significant growth and drive up shareholder value.
  • Financial management – the cornerstone of growth, helping to ensure plans are viable and sustainable and providing the visibility shareholders need to keep plans on track.
  • Sales and Marketing – where digital marketing offers tremendous opportunities to increase client acquisition rates and deliver a higher return on spend.
  • Funding – considering alternative ways to raise growth capital without giving away equity.

At our Business Growth Seminar on 28th January Evolution CBS, James Cowper LLP and CreditSquare will be exploring these 4 growth opportunities in more detail. So if you’re considering the best way to grow your company why not book a place. You can book online at www.evolutioncbs.co.uk/

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