Evolution CBS Team Focus – June

This month we would like to introduce Evolution CBS Marketing Manager – 
Kay Binns.

Kay has more than 20 years sales and marketing experience at board level in several companies, including her own! This has given her a greater understanding of the realities of life at both ends of the SME spectrum, as an employee and as a private business owner.

Whilst her experience has been largely in IT and Telecommunications, it has almost always been in the application of technology to improve business results, including industries such as:

Manufacturing – Kay was a senior marketing manager for a world-leading supplier of  specialist systems to the Textile, Paint and Ink manufacturing companies worldwide.

Computer Services – originally Marketing Manager then marketing Director for a leading IT company who services encompassed IT networking, hosted services, computer maintenance and software support.

Internet Services – working for an Internet Service Provider operating in B2B and B2C environments.

Telecommunications – working for an international telecommunications provider operating in the UK market.

Hospitality – working for her own company, where the realities of running a small business provided her with a unique insight into the many demands on the private business owner.

Kay enjoys the challenge of a busy and demanding work environment and, thanks to the breadth of her experience, has given her a solid commercial grounding.

For more information please contact us on info@evolutioncbs.co.uk

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